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Finland Barcodes,

operating as Kavod Group, a Finnish Registered Company is a member of the International Barcodes Network (an international network of barcodes suppliers formed during 2013) and the only legally authorised International Barcodes Limited Reseller in Finland. The International Barcodes Network operates internationally to expand the availability of reasonably priced barcodes and provide general barcode information worldwide.

Our barcode numbers come from the same original database/system as GS1 barcode numbers and can be used internationally in the vast majority of stores.



Finland Barcodes make doing business much more efficient for companies. Our Barcodes provide a method to track and store information about goods, from individual items to large stocks of thousands or even millions of items. They serve an important role and provide advantages compared with manually entering information. Just a click away  is your freedom from the bondage of renting a barcode. Our Barcodes are One-Off cost, Internationally accepted, very reasonably priced, no renewals. Buy once and own for life! Buy a Barcode from us and enjoy:

  • Automatic Product Identification
  • Extremely Fast Recognition And Implementation
  • Asset And Security Tracking, Theft deterrence
  • Reduction in Loss And Liability
  • Selling Your Goods And products Anywhere In The World

Besides Barcodes, Finland Barcodes is operating as Kavod Group and we also provides the following services:

  • Video Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Consulting
  • Taxi Services


Check out our stock for these and more other different types of retail barcodes:


ISBN Barcodes For Book 

ISSN Barcodes For Magazine

Carton Barcodes 

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Phone Number: +358465416048

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