GEBIR – English Electronic Barcode Information Registry – is a unique Cloud based service that provides access to data and / or product information to companies that use registered bar codes. The bar codes used by these companies have been legally purchased and independently registered. The company sends the product information directly, so it can be trusted to be accurate. By typing the product barcode number GEBIR, anyone can find the owner’s contact information and / or product details for that barcode number. Who uses GEBIR?

  • Consumers look for more product information than what is printed on the packaging.

  • Consumers look for more manufacturer information than is printed on the packaging.

  • Shoppers in retail stores, hardware chains and supermarkets are looking for connection information when purchasing new products.

  • Application designers are looking for accurate data sources for retail bar code numbers.

  • Distributors checking the legality of the products they are considering for distribution.
  • Online stores (such as Amazon) that want to verify the accuracy of the information for products for sale.

GEBIR search

(e.g. 0735850060392 or ProteinMore MASSBUILDER / MGN or [email protected])